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Noord-Brabant, Nederland

Job Description

As a Supply Chain Manager, you are responsible for giving structure and professional coordination to the loyalty programs, while ensuring operational excellence and costs effectiveness. You have a significant role within the organization, and you will be highly welcome to join the global dynamic company in Den Bosch!

Your team and responsibilities:

  • Project setup:
    • Provide input for SOP and operational set-up of our program(s);
    • Collect all information necessary to enable operational excellence of the program (demand forecast, prices & conditions, supplier capacities and bottlenecks, logistic framework);
    • Provide possible backup scenarios to anticipate changes in forecasts;


  • Project execution program/ Running the program:
    • Collaborate on the production and shipment planning with suppliers and other internal and external stakeholders;
    • Plan and monitor the “in-time” placement of PO’s and correct stock allocation to cover the client needs;
    • Execute the deliveries of goods (planning, booking of equipment, inbounds, outbounds) within the approved client delivery schedule;
    • Analyze program results and implement adequate solutions to respond to changes of the forecast;
    • Execute all administrative stock movements related to the program(s);
    • Handle efficiently and reliably the incoming purchase invoices and outgoing sales invoices;
    • Provide at all times the right level of information to all internal and external stakeholders (suppliers, logistical providers);
  • Project analysis:
    • Analyze operational excellence, advising future solutions and supply chain improvements;
    • Evaluate the program execution, including (external) partners to implement corrective actions and best practices;
  • Reporting:
    • Provide clear reporting on PO’s/stock level/deliveries/returns.

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