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  • STROOM devotes a lot of attention in building a team of consultants experienced in the supply chain as well as the recruitment business.

    Managing Partner

    Jan Roelants

    Jan graduated at the KUL as an economist and worked in the beginning of his career in different roles at a logistics service provider. Since 2007 he is active as recruiter and headhunter for supply chain management professionals. The feeling to be constantly connected with a broad network and to try to create the ideal match between candidates and companies gives him the energy, satisfaction & drive to keep calm and carry on.

    Managing partner

    Sam Kussé

    Sam has a Master in Business Psychology and an Advanced Master in Management. After his studies he worked for several years in the logistics industry for some of the world leaders in contract logistics. Sam performed different roles within operations, project and contract management. Afterwards he worked as a recruitment consultant for a Belgian recruitment company. He could combine his two passions, supply chain and recruitment, and still loves it.

    Managing partner

    Christophe Keepers

    Christophe has always been interested in the world of logistics and successfully completed his studies in Logistics Management. He has a combined 10 years of experience in operational and commercial positions at a logistics multinational together with supply chain recruitment experience since 2011.

    Business Consultant

    Inez Meseeuw

    Inez has a Master in Applied Economic Sciences and an Advanced Master in Fiscal law. After a couple of years of expierence within a large consultancy firm, she decided to follow her supply chain interest and joined STROOM. Here she can combine her consultancy expierence and economic background.

    Business Consultant

    Gala Jakovljevic

    Gala gained her interest in international trade and logistics while finishing her master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. She started a Management Traineeship at a major logistics company and saw a chance to convert this interest into an opportunity. Now she wants to link the professionals to the companies that need them.


    Senior Business Consultant

    Olivier Blassieaux

    With 10 years of logistics experience as shipping agent, Olivier has the right framework and insight to connect strong professionals with interesting companies. As an experienced maritime professional he radiates confidence and focuses on delivering quality. Therefore STROOM and Olivier are a perfect match.

    Business Consultant

    Senne Pustjens

    With a lot of enthusiasm, focus and several years of experience as a logistics & supply chain recruiter, Senne joins the team of STROOM.

    After his studies in Biomedical Sciences he decided to put the dusty lab coat and safety glasses away and pursue a people oriented career. Senne likes to build strong and long lasting relationships with both clients and candidates, one where quality acts as the main KPI.

  • STROOM devotes a lot of attention in building a team of consultants experienced in the supply chain as well as the recruitment business.

    Managing Partner

    Bob Morias

    Bob has a Master in Applied Economics and completed an Advanced Master in Marketing & Strategy. After having experienced different roles within supply chain & logistics during the first 13 years of his career, both in Germany and Belgium, he has gained more than 11 years of recruitment experience in the Netherlands and Belgium. His drive and passion is to go the extra mile and to ensure a long term partnership between the candidate and the company.

    Business Partner

    Ilona Braal

    Ilona has 6,5 years of experience in recruitment and believes that the ideal match is made by focusing on matching personality, potential and motivation with experience. Her enthusiastic personality and sincere interest give a personal touch in creating the perfect match between professionals and opportunities. She loves the fact that getting to know great people and interesting companies is called A JOB.

    Managing Partner

    Koen Bastiaansen

    Koen has a Master degree in Marketing and Strategic Management and completed multiple sales studies. Koen has five years of experience in both, temp and permanent recruitment within the finance, logistics and accounting field. His drive is to find the best potential candidate within a very short period. Trust, commitment, continuous improvement and drive are the key factors belonging to Koen.

    Business Manager

    Anne van den Bosch

    Anne has a bachelor in Human Resources Management. During her free time she’s travelling around the world as an international hockey referee. She loves to get to know new people and building on a relationship with them. With her passion for Human Resources and positive character she tries to find the perfect match between candidate and opportunity

    Business Manager

    Fleur Hoppenbrouwers

    Fleur has a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She has already made her first start in recruitment and has an absolute passion for Supply Chain & Logistics. She is characterized by her positive energy and the drive to connect talents and opportunities. Trust, development and passion are key to her every day!

    Business consultant

    Mathieu de Jel

    Mathieu is an energetic self-starter, highly committed and regarded team player, known for being solutions-oriented and a critical thinker with experience in several industries. A Junior Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in restaurants, event management and warehouses. A drive for results, yet ensuring a motivational environment.

    Having lived in the UK, a mindset and approach of all problems flexibility, pragmatically and professionally. Mathieu loves to work with people, motivate and energize each other as a team going for the best results to optimize business and organizations.


    Business Partner

    Nicole Timmermans

    Nicole is a skilled women with more than 10 years of working experience in recruitment. Nicole is familiar with permanent positions and interim assignments. One of her specialities is to build strong relationships with companies and candidates. Besides all Nicole ensures an optimal match when completing assignments. ‘Placing herself in anyone else’s shoes’ and ‘thinking along with’ defines her way of working. Complemented by her passion and drive, Nicole goes for the best result, focusing on the short term as for the long run!

    Business Relationship Manager

    Meky Twiss

    Meky has a broad and diverse background. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Leisure Management, she worked in the events industry for a number of years, before rolling into coaching young professionals. But organizing and putting things in order kept itching and so she now fulfills the role of Business Relationship Manager. In short, Meky takes care of all matters surrounding recruiting so that the consultants can keep their focus on the client and the candidate.

    Business Consultant

    Martijn Verhoeks

    Martijn obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and immediately made the step towards the logistics industry. As a second job he is trainer/coach of a top level field hockey team. After a career in logistics he found the best of both worlds at Stroom; combining the logistical “get the job done” mentality with the opportunity to coach people in their growth and development as professionals.

    Business Consultant

    Rik Aarts

    Winning together is a characteristic of Rik. Responding to the wishes and needs of the client and putting the candidate’s career first is one of his qualities. He always wants to surprise the client and the candidate with his creativity. Besides motivating and developing people, results are always top of mind. Wanting to achieve the best result and never giving up are characteristic features. All this together motivates him and makes him very enthusiastic to be able to contribute to Stroom Recruitment.

    Business Consultant

    Max van den Bergh

    Max is a passionate business administration graduate and has gained experience within logistics and recruiting during his internships. At Stroom he uses all this knowledge and experience to help people. A characteristic of Max is that he works energetically and result driven towards his goals, both on a personal and a professional level. Max is very social and this is also reflected in his way of working. In addition, Max can often be found in the gym, but also in the better restaurants. Family, togetherness and sociability are things that Max values a lot.

    Managing Partner

    Ruben Reus

    Ruben holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology. After having started his career in assessments, he soon moved into recruitment as he enjoys the dynamics of working with people. Prior to joining Stroom, he has worked as a manager at a multinational recruitment firm and as a senior consultant at an executive search firm. He’s an active person, that thrives in an energetic and dynamic environment. His drive is to understand the needs of all stakeholders and to deliver excellent services, whilst always putting people first.

    Business Consultant

    Ruud Aerts

    After his bachelor psychology Ruud ended up in the world of recruitment. He believes that everyone has both used and unused talents and therefore sees it as his personal mission to tap into these hidden talents and develop them further. Punctuality and integrity are of paramount importance to him. Saying what you do and doing what you say is his motto.
    Because of his background in psychology and recruitment, he is able to find the right match and connect the right parties with each other. In a coaching and advisory role, he gets satisfaction from motivating people and likes to put them in their power.

    Business Consultant

    Kiril Janssen

    After years of experience in the staffing industry, Kiril decided to further develop himself by obtaining his master’s degree in transportation & supply chain management. He then worked in supply chain at a large international player in the agricultural industry for several years. From his own experience, Kiril knows where you can run into as a supply chain professional and as a supply chain organization and therefore likes to assist in thinking about the possible steps to take. The personality and long-term relationship are at most important.

    Business Consultant

    Rick IJzermans

    Rick is a born and bred Eindhoven native. As a brainport, the region is hugely known for smart collaboration, a core value that he can relate to immensely. With a college degree in retail management and 12 years of experience in that industry, now was the time for him to make the step towards STROOM. He comes with a good dose of experience as a connector and always goes the extra mile for his people. In the open atmosphere he creates, everyone can say what they think. He likes to work on personal development and the next step.

    Business Consultant

    Nick Schouten

    Nick started his career in logistics where he spent several years in different roles in operations & commerce. When he was looking for a new challenge he came in contact with Stroom and there was an instant click. After some interesting conversations he realized that recruitment should be the next step for him. So he made the move to strengthen our team. Besides the team Nick also likes to strengthen himself, which he does in the gym where he can be found most of his evenings.

    Business Consultant

    Alyssa Piscador

    After working as a transport planner for almost 4 years, it was time for Alyssa to do something new. Looking for a new opportunity Alyssa quickly came in contact with Stroom, where it became clear that the combination of her interest in people and logistics was a good match. Alyssa gets energy from talking to new people and thinking about the right match for their career (wishes). With a personal approach she likes to hear everyone’s story and look for new opportunities together.
    In her free time Alyssa also likes to surround herself with people, she enjoys life to the fullest.

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